Friday, May 29, 2009


I know I'm breaking the first rule of blogging* by putting my various unrelated interests into one blog. However, since I expect my readership to be maybe three, if I made a blog for each topic, the average number of readers for each would be .5. So, feel free to use the titles and tags to skip things you aren't interested in.

So, what is the idea of this blog? From time to time I've come up with observations or insights, and I've felt that they were being lost, not benefiting anyone besides myself. I'm not keeping a lab notebook nor writing elsewhere for publication, as a traditional academic would (not that I think any of my thoughts are actually at the forefront of the field). So I'm going to use this as a forum (or at least a notebook, if no one else is reading) to record my ideas.

And what areas am I interested in? Well, I'm a cyclist, including recumbent and tandem. I've also become a bit of a bike and pedestrian advocate (I've already proposed and gotten passed a change to state law). Under my wife's influence I've become interested in organic food, green living, and alternate transportation. We also unschool. My other major interest is recreational math, usually number theory. I play a lot with primes, factoring, and recognizing squares. I prefer to work algorithms by hand, to understand them, rather than see if I can use them on a big number.

I plan to keep this blog about ideas in those various areas, and not specifically about me. So, I won't be boring you with what's happening to me, only with the ideas I have.

Next up, the first post - will it be any good?

*I have no idea what the rules of blogging actually are, or what order they would be in.


  1. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say, as we have many areas of overlapping interest!

  2. Robin,

    I've been enjoying all three of your blogs for a while now. Sometimes you make Oregon look pretty nice.

    I hope I'll get the time to write soon.

    Of course, I just spent an hour not figuring out why blogger won't let me comment on my own blog - it's only on one of our computers.

  3. It's the privacy setting "Accept third party cookies", if anyone cares. I can only submit comments here when it is enabled.